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Zu lange Lieferung

Scarpe goku

Scarpe stupende sarà un regalo di Natale perfetto

Sweat Brodé - Demon Slayer Inosuke II

Never received them

Sailormoon luna etc Artemis F1

My wife loved it, it fit perfected.

Chaussures basses - Pokemon Charizard F1
José María Valladares Rodríguez

Chaussures basses - Pokemon Charizard F1

Very fine

Perfect shoes

Sneakers - Naruto Gaara J1
Bernadette GUiCHEUX
Sneakers wonderful

Very nice, perfect

Très satisfaite

Les baskets dont très jolies. Mon fils va être content. Quelques défauts avec des excès de plastique dans le creux de la chaussure que je vais couper au cutter. Mais en général, je suis très contente. C'est un très beau cadeau !!

Bonjour, nous vous remercions pour votre retour! Cela nous fait plaisir ! Votre fils va être très content. Bonne journée à vous!

Expected a typical christmas sweather, got a printed polyester Shirt

Nothing like the expected product

Hello, as described on the product page, the sweater is custom printed and in Polyester. If it's traditional sweater, the price won't be the same. We wish you a lovely day.

Très belle chaussures

Très belle chaussures de qualité

I love them. They look exactly like what's shown online.

Cheap looking again but fella likes them

Cheap looking fella likes them but I'm not happy spending that much for them to look cheap

Nezuko trainers

Trainer is very similar if not the same as Jordan's, I picked an 8 and there is room size fits well, they are not hand painted they are printed just so peeps know. But still a very nice trainer.

Not as expected or advertised. The sizing is really bad as it the quality. Have asked for a return. But have to send back to China at my own cost.
Realised that there is no point in returning product the refund if they send any at all will not be worth it.

Would I buy again? Never

Schönes Shirt

Das Shirt in der Umsetzung sehr gut gemacht sowohl die Qualität, sowie auch von der Optik. Das Logo ist minimalistisch und gut umgesetzt gerade mit dem Bezug zu einer Bekannten Schuhmarke. Ich gebe eine klare Kaufempfehlung.

Sehr guter Schuh

Der Druck auf dem Schuh sieht echt gut aus und kann auch ein bisschen was ab, was waschen betrifft bin ich noch nicht in der Situation (und hoffe bleibt auch so). Ich war skeptisch wegen dem Sneaker an sich, aber er ist solide, bequem also kann auch nur sagen wer einen Anime Sneaker möchte kann hier ganz klar erfreut werden und für den Preis absolut eine Empfehlung.

I never received the item

Dear customer, we just checked the tracking link, indeed, there isn't update after the 07/11. We are going to check with transporter and will come back to you.

Vegeta and sailor moons shoes

They are wonderful, It was better than I expected.

Chaussures Personnalisables J1
laetitia lechangeur

Tobirama senju on Jordans

Chaussures - Demon Slayer Zenitsu J1

Very fine

Good shoes !

Just the best shoes ever!

Perfect Birthday gift for my son who is a huge Anime fan. Make a not that shipping to the USA takes about 30 days from the date that you order not what is listed on the website. I will DEFINITELY order in advance next time !